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Classically Coiffed
Classically Coiffed

Iconic American designer Ralph Lauren stays true to his tradition by depicting minimal, classic hairstyles at the New York City show

Hippie Chic
Hippie Chic

A hippie-inspired look captivated the crowds at the Alberta Ferretti show in Manhattan

Earth Angel
Category: MAKEUP
Makeup: Anna Belkina, Salon Service Earth Angel

Push Knot (Aka: Flow Hawk)
Category: HAIRDO
Style: Surface
Hair: Surface Hair Art Team Stylist - Dawn McKee

World Traveler
World Traveler

Unite's star stylist Kevin Ryan drew inspiration from the well traveled women

Slip Knot Chic
Slip Knot Chic

Learn to fashion this chic slip knot-in a flash!

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The Facts about Keratin - HAIR`S HOW

The Facts about Keratin


What is keratin?
Keratin is an essential protein found in skin, nails, teeth and hair. Keratincomes in many different forms and makes up 95 percent of hair. Most keratin that is used for hair care is derived from animal sources that contain keratin like hooves, horns or feathers.

Why is keratin needed?
As hair ages, it loses vital nutrients, especially keratin, resulting in dry, brittle strands that can easily break. Scientifically formulated keratin protein blends enhance the health and condition of all hair types by repairing and protecting hair from damage, restoring shine andresilience, and improving the overall health of hair.

What are some popular names for keratintreatments?
The BKT (Brazilian Keratin Treatment), the Brazilian blowout, Brazilian straightening, keratin straightening and keratin treatments are justa few of the more popular names salons give to the treatments.

Why Brazil?
Keratin treatments were first developed in Brazil.

Who is a good candidate for a keratin treatment?
Keratin treatments make hair easy to manage, so anyone who struggles with frizz or has curly and difficult to manage hair is a good candidate. People who come in for frequent salon blowouts are the primary audience for this treatment.

How are keratin treatments administered?
Everything starts with a professional salon treatment that penetrates the cuticle of the hair and coats the hair to strengthen and improve texture, moisturize, condition, and enhance manageability. The keratin coating is what give hair its post-treatment luster. The treatment lasts 3–5 months depending on hair texture. The nourishing effects continue at home with products developed to extend the life of the treatment and keep hair healthy, including shampoo, conditioner, leave-inconditioners and serum.

What’s wrong with chemical hair straightening? Why is it so destructive for hair?
Chemical hair straightening uses harsh chemicals to breakdown the physical structure of the hair to make it permanently straight, leading to damaged hair that is brittle and prone to breakage.

Is there any way to extend the effect of thetreatment?
The salon treatment typically lasts from 3–5 months, but somecompanies have designed products that will extend the life of the treatment. For instance, those who choose the Global Keratin HairTaming System can buy Global Keratin hair care products with Juvexin at the salon to then use at home — these products were designed specifically in order to prolong the effect of the salon treatment.

Can people do keratin treatments at home?
Keratin treatments are available only through salons and should beapplied by stylists who have received professional training andcertification. The cost of the treatment is around $250.

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