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Classically Coiffed
Classically Coiffed

Iconic American designer Ralph Lauren stays true to his tradition by depicting minimal, classic hairstyles at the New York City show

Hippie Chic
Hippie Chic

A hippie-inspired look captivated the crowds at the Alberta Ferretti show in Manhattan

Color Melting
Category: COLOR
Hair: Jake Thompson
Color: Jake Thompson
Photo: Jake Thompson
COLOR PRODUCTS Redken and Dikson Color
STYLING PRODUCTS Style Masters by Revlon
Clothing: LALA

JUSTE HOMME 2011-2012 Trend Collection by ESTEL Professional: MACHISMO
Category: CUT
Hair: Denis Chirkov

World Traveler
World Traveler

Unite's star stylist Kevin Ryan drew inspiration from the well traveled women

Slip Knot Chic
Slip Knot Chic

Learn to fashion this chic slip knot-in a flash!

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MASTERCLASS : Tight/Apuesto

Category: CUT

Hair/Pelo: Ludmila Havlova for Petra Mechurova

Photo/Foto: Matus Toth

1. Separate the crown area under which the hair should
be cut using the shading method.
2. Cut the upper occipital and lateral-temple area hair
section by section separated by vertical partings.
3. Cut the front parietal area hair in the form of an angle,
with the longest in the center.
45. Thin out where necessary and form the fi nal silhouette.

1. Separar la zona de la coronilla. Cortar el pelo debajo
de esa zona con el método de degradé.
2. Cortar el pelo de la zona occipital superior y la témporo-
lateral con el método mecha por mecha, separando
las mechas mediante rayas verticales.
3. Cortar el pelo de la zona parietal delantera con forma
de ángulo conservando una mecha más larga en el centro.
45. Usar distintas técnicas para desmechar y formar la
silueta fi nal.

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